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Germany 2013

This past June the Light of Hope ministry traveled across the ocean to Germany, where Pastor Kulakov held a two week evangelistic series for the large Russian speaking community. The response and  enthusiasm were overwhelming! 


The meetings were held at the European Media Center, Stimmer der Hoffnung, from where they were also streamed live all across Germany and dozens of other countries. 


It is so wonderful to look back at these meetings and all that the Lord was able to accomplish in two short weeks. Through the duration of the series there were over 28,000 and 15,000 views on the Russian and German websites, respectively. Every night over 3,000 people across Germany met in small groups to watch the series together. And the online sermons have already received over 10,000 views. As the meetings came to a triumphant close, many precious individuals across Germany have decided to dedicate their life to God.


Thank you for all your prayers, support, and generous donations!

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