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Chisinau 2014

Moldova is one of the smallest countries of the former Soviet Union and is currently undergoing much economic hardship. These political and economic changes have also negatively impacted the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist church. In the past, Moldova had one of the fastest growing SDA communities, but today the membership is steadily declining as they face serious challenges with evangelism.

This revival series presented by the Light of Hope Ministry was intended to raise the spirit and bring encouragement and enthusiasm for expanding outreach across that region.

The church where Pastor Peter preached was also the host site for the 2010 satellite evangelistic meetings presented by Light of Hope that proved to be very successful. The churches participating throughout the division had a total of 3,000 baptisms.

Once again, the brothers and sisters were very enthusiastic about attending each night of the meetings and filled the church to capacity daily. On the weekends extra screen were set up in the basement to ensure no one was turned away.

The sermons were all recorded and will be used on Hope Channel Russia and Hope Channel Ukraine as part of the preparations for the May 2015 Odessa Evangelistic Event.

The meetings are took place in a beautiful stone church where many of the Russian-speaking community attending a weekend long seminar, eager to hear the Word of God. And in the Russian tradition, there was plentiful amounts of food for those attending the meetings.

“While the world is celebrated the opening of the Olympics in London, we celebrated the power of God’s spirit that gives us strength to run the race of faith” – Pastor Peter Kulakov.

London 2012

In 2009 the world was hit by major financial crisis. People were losing everything and needed to hear the words of hope. They needed to hear that this world is not our ultimate goal, but there is something so much better offered to us by Christ.

Pastor Peter Kulakov traveled to Moldova, where for 21 days he shared the message of the coming of the Lord's Kingdom. The meetings were held in the central Adventist church of Moldova in Chisinau. For the first 9 nights, every Adventist Pastor of the former Soviet Union was presenting their own meetings following the slides and sermon scripts prepared by the Light of Hope team. The final 12 nights were led by Pastor Kulakov and uplinked over the satellite and broadcasted through all those same churches.

The close of the meeting resulted in thousands of candidates for baptism. Even though it was winter, still a freezing cold time for most of the countries participating, many individuals wanted to be baptized in the frozen lakes and rivers. The arrangements were made for them, and holes were cut in the thick ice to make this a special day for them. In Chisinau itself, an outdoor baptism was also planned, but because of the heavy snowfall of Friday, local pastors had to buy an inflatable swimming pool and set it up in the basement of the hosting church.

On the final day of the meetings, there was a celebration of the power of the gospel through thousands of baptisms all over the continent. In Chisinau, hundreds of young smiling faces were seated in the church anxiously waiting to finally show their love to Jesus Christ, and their acceptance of his invitation into His Kingdom.

Moldova 2010

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