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10 Cities Mission Trip 2019 

Odessa 2015

It was two very busy weeks in Odessa, but there were many blessings! Pastor Kulakov preached 30 sermons as the church and auditorium filled daily with church members, their friends and neighbors, and new visitors from the community. There were over 60 requests for baptism and 40 for continued Bible study. We were also thankful and excited as the shipment of new Bibles come just in time for this last weekend of the evangelistic series.


Did you know that a quarter million people living in Ukraine are infected with HIV?  Did you know that Ukraine is one of the top countries in the world dealing with female trafficking? And did you know that of the thousands of children living on the streets, many of them turn to prostitution just to survive? There is a clear problem with the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people. Before we could expect a change in their quality of life, we needed to help them find solid spiritual principles.

In 2011, From October 7th to the 22nd, in downtown Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, Pastor Peter Kulakov held a series of evangelistic meetings lasting for three weeks. It was imperative that the people of Dnepropetrovsk hear the Lord's message and have the chance to turn around their lives. Your support gave them hope! Many dear souls were baptized and gave their hearts to Christ. The meetings were a huge success and were streamed via satellite all across Europe and Asia on the Hope Channel.


Kiev 2007

In March of 2007, Pastor Peter Kulakov was invited to present a series of satellite evangelistic meetings for the countries of the Eurasia division. The Levoberezhni church in Kiev, Ukraine was selected as the hosting site for the meetings.

Twice a day the auditorium was packed with up to 3000 people eager to hear the Lord's message. Satellite dishes were mounted on the roofs of almost every Adventist church across 12 time zones, with most congregations actively participating in the meetings. Thousands of prayer requests were pouring in every day through phone calls and emails. The best musicians from all across Asia and Europe participated every day, often representing their cultures in colorful costumes and native songs. Over 3000 people that month made the decision to be baptized and join the Adventist church.

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The 2019 Spring mission trip was unlike any before. Instead of going to just one city the Light of Hope team accepted an invitation to start ten evangelistic meetings in ten cities of the Euro-Asia Division. The first few cities we visited were all in Eastern Ukraine. The ongoing military conflict in the region brought devastation into big cities and small towns. We could see destroyed hospitals, houses with no roofs, and bunkers on the road with military men checking every car on the road for possible explosives or undocumented militants. However, nothing could stop people from coming to the meetings. Rented auditoriums were packed with hundreds of people. I was touched to the very core of my soul as I met individuals who risked their freedom to cross the frontline and come to the meetings from the regions controlled by pro-Russian military. 

From Eastern Ukraine we travelled to Odessa, Kiev, and Kharkiv. Bumpy roads, hours and hours on trains, and missed dinners were nothing in comparison with the joy of sharing the Three Angels message. After a week in Ukraine we headed to Russia. We had to cross the border at two in the morning. Limitations on religious freedom prevented the churches in Russia from renting public auditoriums. We conducted the meetings in local church buildings. It was encouraging to see that our church members were inviting their neighbors and coworkers to attend. 

Over 6,000 people attended the meetings overall.

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