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Bread of Life

Its been four years since the beginning of the military confrontation in Ukraine. Many families have lost someone close to them; husbands, sons, brothers, fathers. We may no longer hear much in the news, but nothing has changed since the beginning of the conflict. People are living in constant fear of being attacked by one of the conflicting sides, they are struggling to find jobs, and because of the intense political propaganda from both sides, many families are being torn apart and friends are turning against each other.

Many are losing hope that the situation will ever be resolved. But the political conflict is not the only struggle. Religious liberty is deteriorating every year. Just a few weeks ago a local Evangelical church was ransacked and almost completely destroyed by the rebel forces.

Living in such constant fear is taking a toll. The people need hope, they need the Bread of Life. The Light of Hope team will be traveling to Ukraine in the middle of June to present meetings in two neighboring cities. Pastor Peter will be in Severodonetsk and Daniel Reband will be in Lesichansk. You can follow the team and Pastor Peter during this mission trip by following our Facebook page.

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