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Hope for Severodonetsk (Part Two)

With the refugee situation and misplaced families in Eastern Ukraine, the two local orphanages are struggling to accommodate as many children as possible. Their needs are immense. Per the orphanage administration plea, many of you contributed towards shoes and clothing items for the children. Pastor Peter and his youngest daughter, Barby, who accompanied him on this trip, spent hours in the local market trying to find the right number of shoes and in correct sizes. Many kids also needed clothing items which also had to be found and purchased from different market stalls. Along with shoes and clothing the children were so happy to receive fruit, cookies, and candies that they would prepare little talent shows with songs and poems each time Pastor Peter and Barby visited. Receiving their hugs and seeing their smiles was the greatest reward that the Light of Hope team wishes they could share all of you who supported this special project. Presently the Light of Hope ministry is trying to raise three thousand dollars towards fixing a leaky roof for one of these orphanages before the start of winter. Your contribution is needed and much appreciated by each of the precious kids you see in the photos.

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