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It has been four years since war erupted in Eastern Ukraine. Many moved away looking for a safe place for their families. Those that stayed have been forced to accept this conflict as a normal part of life. Economic conditions continue deteriorating and are especially tough on young couples and the elderly. They are struggling to survive. In addition to facing shortages of physical bread they are also searching for spiritual healing. They have lost faith in governments and politicians and are eager to hear what the Word of God has to say about the future of this world.

The pastor of the church in Severodonetsk made arrangements for an available auditorium for the Light of Hope meetings. However, the auditorium was on the third floor with no elevator and no air conditioning. It was painful to see hundreds of elderly people make their way up the flights of stairs and sit for hours in a room that got up to 95 degrees. But they did not see all of this as an inconvenience, rather as an opportunity to quench their hunger for the Bread of Life. Twice a day the auditorium filled to capacity. While preaching about spiritual food Pastor Peter and the Light of Hope team also made arrangements for every visitor to receive a loaf of bread. By the end of the first week of meetings 230 people signed up for the baptismal class. Praise God for every decision, for every day of the meetings, and for each brother and sister that found hope in Christ.

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