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10 Cities 10 Meetings 10 Days

The Slavic soul has always been known for having a soft spot for classical music. With limited religious freedom in Eastern European countries the Light of Hope ministry is planning an innovative approach to spreading seeds of the gospel in Ukraine and Russia in the Spring of 2019. Pastor Peter has invited a renowned violinist, Jaime Jorge, to join him on a mission trip that will reach people in ten cities over ten days starting February 22nd. Each meeting will begin with Jamie preparing their hearts for the Word with Rachmaninov, Bach, and other classical composers.

Local churches in the ten chosen cities are already actively and prayerfully preparing for the meetings. Each one of the churches agreed to do their homework by making new acquaintances and friends in the community whom they can invite to the meetings. At the end of each meeting an invitation will be made by Pastor Peter for all the participants to join a Bible study class organized and led by local pastors and evangelists in the area. Some churches will begin holding Bible studies earlier on, in preparation for this event and each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a Bible at the end of the meetings. We are expecting up to 10,000 to attend these meetings. Your prayerful support is much needed!

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