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10 Cities Event

We want to take you with us on our missionary journey. Ahead of us are ten cities, some of which are in the midst of military conflict and political unrest, others are in areas with very limited religious freedom. We invite you to participate in our mission outreach by adopting one of the cities. Expenses for each location will include auditorium rent, brochures, study guides, and of course Bibles. On average every city will need $1500. If you can contribute even a small portion for the city of your choice, all the funds will go for the needs of that specific missionary stop. We pray and hope that every one of these cities will be adopted by one of our Light of Hope parters. Please indicate the city of your choice along with your contribution. We are also searching for those who will adopt each city in a prayer partnership and will make a special emphasis in prayer on the specific day of our travels. If you pick one of the cities please let us know by email: Thank you! Peter Kulakov and Jaime Jorge

Day One: February 22, Severodonetsk, Ukraine

Pastor Peter and Jaime will take a night train from Kiev to Lisichansk on February 21st, and arrive in Severodonestk in time for an evening program. The Light of Hope held meetings in this city last summer. The local pastor, Alexey, is actively preparing to continue the meetings after this kickstarter night. An auditorium for 1200 has been reserved.

February 23, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

Pastor Peter and Jaime will be here for an evening program.

Kramatorsk was once within the active war zone and now remains barely 35 miles away from the current front line; here the war is still a daily reality. The church is not big in numbers, but there are many young people committed to evangelism. Their Pastor, Ivan, needs our prayer!

February 24, Mariupol, Ukraine

Pastor Peter and Jaime will travel four hours by car for an evening program in Mariupol. Mariupol hosted the of Light of Hope for an evangelistic series two years ago. Hundreds responded to the invitation to follow Jesus. Please pray for Pastor Valentin as he prepares to continue a Bible seminar following the opening night event on February 24.

February 26, Odessa, Ukraine

All airports are closed in the area because of the war. Pastor Peter and Jaime will need at least a day to reach this area traveling by car through military block posts and artillery damaged roads. Once they arrive on February 26th, seven local churches will gather together for the evangelistic event in a rented auditorium. Please pray for the pastors in Odessa.

February 27, Kiev, Ukraine

The Light of Hope team will arrive in Kiev by an overnight train. The program in Kiev will be streamed live via the Hope Ukraine Channel. You are welcome watch it at at 12pm EST (click on the blue play button).

The evening meetings in Kiev on the 27th will be followed by an overnight train to Kharkov, Ukraine.

February 28, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine. We have a number of active pastors who are excited about the meetings. The Light of Hope ministry is renting a large public concert hall downtown. The concert and program on February 28 will be followed by a train ride to Belgorod.

March 1, Belgorod, Russia

Pastor Peter and Jaime will need special prayers as on this night they will be crossing the border from Ukraine into Russia. Russia continues closing doors to public evangelism so we need the Lord’s protection as our team enters this territory.

The evening program will be followed by a journey by train to Moscow.

March 2, Moscow, Russia

Moscow will not be an easy stop for our team. After an overnight train ride they will need to hold a morning meeting at Vostochnaya Church and an evening program at Nagatinskaya Church. I invite you to remember all the Moscow pastors in prayer that day as they are facing some serious challenges in sharing the Three Angels Message.

March 3, St Petersburg, Russia

March 3th will start with a morning journey by train to St. Petersburg followed by an evening program. St. Petersburg is still pretty cold in early march and because of it’s far north location winter days are very dark with only a few hours of daylight. We hope that with the Light of Hope message we will brighten their day and help them find Jesus as the true and only light.

March 4, Kaliningrad, Russia

Pastor Peter and Jaime will travel by plane to their final city of Kaliningrad. This will be Light of Hope’s first time bringing the message of Hope to the people of this city. The local pastor is already actively engaged in laying the ground work; we will keep him in our prayers.

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