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Hope for Eastern Europe

Due to pandemic travel restrictions, public in-person evangelistic meetings are not an option in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. Once again I received a request from the Euro-Asia Division church leadership to conduct a series of evangelistic meetings over the satellites used by Hope Channel Ukraine, Hope Channel Russia and the Russian branch of 3ABN. We expect hundreds of thousands of viewers across that vast region of the world! The Light of Hope is joining hands with the It Is Written team for this international outreach event. Despite being divided by an ocean and subject to travel bans we’ll still be the platform for this Gospel proclamation! Social unrest is spreading across Russia. We live in a very special time. People need to hear about the second coming of Christ! Please pray for me as I need to work on a new series of sermons for the next two weeks. I am also praying for funds needed for this project. The total needed budget is $25,000. There is nothing impossible for the Lord.


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