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War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues. Millions are displaced. Thousands have been killed. Big cities are in ruins. It may seem that there is no hope, but when I talk to the pastors there I feel a different kind of spirit. They remain in the war zone. They help move families to safety. They deliver food to the starving people. They remain strong in their faith that the Lord is their Rock. What a great spiritual lesson for all of us.

Since the war started, the Light of Hope Ministry has received $45,000 for the suffering families and food delivery ministry in Ukraine.

As of this week, Russia has banned all access to mainstream social media and news sites across the country. Facebook, Instagram have been banned and YouTube is under the threat of being shut down. The citizens of Russia are limited to the information broadcasted on the state-sponsored TV stations. Although we are living in the year 2022, I cannot help but be reminded of the dark and propaganda filled years of the former Soviet-Union when any information and knowledge against the regime was treated as treasonous. My father stood up against Stalin’s authoritarian reign and we will not be silenced in these troubled times.


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